Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A call and settlement cancelling the court date, ending the work of lawyers and insurance reps.

After long days of waiting news came from the hospital. She was six, brain damaged.

Her mother wailed as the ambulance left surrounded by sirens, flashing lights and confusion. People ran in panic, a neighbor called for help.

Blood pulsed from her gashed head, pooling in the street. We froze after hearing flesh, bone and steel collide. She was out of sight, I’d choked a prayer, we’d swerved. She’d bolted into the street.

It was dusk, we were driving back to school.


  1. Love it. Great one Jim. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Captivating, and I love how you wrote it backwards. Great!

  3. I read it twice, not that I didn't understand it the first time, that it was written backwards. Then I read it the third time backwards.

    Yeah, I too love the way you wrote this backwards. I has something, I dunno, mathematical beauty if you can call it that.