Saturday, May 21, 2016

requiem for (too) many

born on the wrong side of town
to the wrong parents
went to the wrong schools, when we went,
took the wrong classes, rarely paid attention,
and never did the dumbass work
hung out with the wrong crowd
people said the Army’d shape us up, nice try,
getting kicked out was easier than getting in
married a few times, cut and ran,
quit bothering with the details
had some shitty jobs, thankfully we
were usually fired before we decided to quit
lost years to bad habits and so-called friends,
only kind of either we ever had
found Jesus, a bunch of times,
some for conscience, others for convenience
had kids we never knew, who were smart enough,
to not waste time getting to know us
stayed out of jail, some of the time
left no property, no money
maybe memories 
we must all leave memories
maybe a few good ones
with someone, somewhere...