Sunday, March 29, 2009

The end

Long weekend at the parent's with that damn dial-up. Really, ridiculous. Should call it slogging-on.

Finally. "Friends" count 327. I scroll, very slowly, through the list: high school, high school, old girl friend, college, soccer, cousin, college, high school, Sarah's mom, high school, teacher, summer job, who's that?, roommate, high school...

Status update: "What are you doing now?" Wouldn't you like to know? "Thanks for nothing." That should give them something to talk about tomorrow, maybe for a while. Hit post.

Push my sleeve. Grip the blade, take a deep breath and begin the ending.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Daddy'd wake me early. it'd be dark, quiet, cold and rainy outside. I'd carry my rifle and hurry to keep up. We'd share cold biscuits. 'bout the time we got to his meadow spot the sun would be showing it's morning face, helping warm me up. We'd hide, silent, waiting. My shooting was more likely to scare things off than kill them. But, Momma was so proud days we'd bring home something I'd shot.

Now, damp and cold, I hold my rifle and wait for a stray Yank. If I get one my Momma and Captain will be so proud.

fiction 101

A while back the "Bellingham Weekly" ran an annual "Fiction 101" contest. The idea was to write a story using 101 words or less (title does not count). I was hooked, writing "101" stories off and on since then. i am going to begin posting some of my stories tonight. hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I found my soul...

I found my soul...
Either the day after I
Cured cancer or the one
Before I put an end to war
I'm not sure which

I found my soul...
Or maybe not
Didn't know it was lost
Did somebody take it?
What am I supposed to do with it?

I found my soul...
When the needle hit the
Vinyl, It wasn't sound or music
It was life boring deep within
I had to listen again

I found my soul...
Do you want to see it?
It's somewhere around here
Wonder if it looks like yours
Oh yeah, here it is

I found my soul...
It's different than I remember
But nice to have it back
After being apart so long
I think I'll try to hold on to it

I found my soul...
The infomercial promised
Three easy payments and they'd
Ship it overnight, UPS, maybe FedEx
Who could resist?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Training

February, an over-crowded dugout
Multiplies the Arizona heat
Baby-faces mix with aged veterans
Wannabes, hangers-on and last-chancers

Pores drip with the anxiety of pressure
Or joy of finally making it
Some fear soon being gone
Friendships begin while competition intensifies

An inning or two
One at bat
Two if I'm lucky
Succeed or screw-up

Ball stings off the bat
Coming my way, I stretch, reach
Hits my mitt and ricochets down
I dive, bobble and miss the tag

Bile perks in my throat
Shake it off, focus, let it go
May have been my only chance
Hope, fear, pray, wait

Monday, March 2, 2009

Three old friends

They met again
Bracing for another joke:
Rabbi, priest, pastor

Rabbi says it's fear
Fear God
Better yet, don't even say the name
Wrath, anger and retribution
Fire and brimstone
Wilderness wanderings
Smiting tribes and annihilating nations

Priest claims guilt
It's in our DNA
Church and school teach it
Clerics and parents breathe it
It's always my fault
And if it's not my fault
It's my fault that it's not

Pastor whispers: shame
God is perfect, we're wretched
We disgrace God
Disgrace the church
And our families too
How could you?
Rings in our ears all day long

Now all these remain:
Fear, guilt and shame
And the greatest of these is...