Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks for waiting

Dear mom and dad,
Thanks for waiting
Until I was “grown”
To get divorced

Not that it was easy
To watch my family implode
Like some distant star
Spiraling toward the horizon
And its inevitable demise

I’m thankful I avoided the carnage
Of being stretched to despair
So you could move on and do
What was “best” for you

No shuttling between houses
Yet never being home
On a schedule that
Few adults could manage
Or better yet, endure

No wondering if gifts were
Given in love
Or as rival acts of one-upmanship

No pretending not to hear the
Whispered warfare
Or the insinuations from the
Unseen member of a phone conversation

I’m so grateful I avoided the
Innumerable counseling sessions
To explore my feelings
While ultimately being manipulated
To believe
That things are better “this way”

I can’t say I’m happy
About the way our family
Turned out, but
Thanks for waiting


  1. watch my family implode
    Like some distant star

    Wonderful, sad image.

  2. Wow. Excellent points, yet poetically rendered.