Sunday, August 2, 2009

I tried really hard

I’ve never met L. L. Barkat, and I tried really hard
We were both at “Jubilee”, Pittsburgh in February
Sam told me about her, said I should meet her

As we talked he spotted her, and pointed her out
Across the room, by Byron’s books
In an animated conversation with Lauren Winner
Who I have met, a time or two
At conferences and classes
But she wouldn’t remember me, or have reason to
I watched them, two “real” writers
With books and all, probably agents
Huddled, protecting each other,
Peers in a sea of hopefuls

I walked closer, thinking of how to
Introduce myself without sounding like
A smooth faced schoolboy grasping at
Pick-up lines
I waited for an opportunity
For their conversation to end
A time to introduce myself

I would not interrupt, I’m not that type
I feigned looking at books
While circling the table and waited some more
It seemed they talked a long, long time
Yet, I was determined and waited some more

I may have begun to look at Byron’s books
Maybe even thought of buying something
But then I’d have had to carry it home
Or maybe I met someone that I actually knew
Or got caught in the crowd push
As another session started

Soon the conference was over
I’d flown home
And I’d never met L. L. Barkat


  1. If you've read her, then you've met her, in a way. In fact, she introduced me to you, in a way.

  2. Oh heck Jim! I would have loved to meet you. It feels so odd to read this description....

    Okay, so if I come to Jubilee next year, let's make it a point to meet.

    And on another note, cool poem. :)

  3. What a great description of Jubilee! I can't wait to go back. And next time, I promise to introduce you to both L.L. and Lauren and anyone else whether I know them or not.

    Though, I think you won't need me to introduce you to L.L.

  4. Notice, friends, that Jim had no "fame nerves" when talking with me. Marcus, will you point me out to him from afar? I'll be near the books with a pen in my pocket for the staged autograph.

    Joking aside, I liked this poem, Jim. And who am I kidding? LL's famous to me, too.

    Hope to see you again in Pittsburgh!