Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Training

February, an over-crowded dugout
Multiplies the Arizona heat
Baby-faces mix with aged veterans
Wannabes, hangers-on and last-chancers

Pores drip with the anxiety of pressure
Or joy of finally making it
Some fear soon being gone
Friendships begin while competition intensifies

An inning or two
One at bat
Two if I'm lucky
Succeed or screw-up

Ball stings off the bat
Coming my way, I stretch, reach
Hits my mitt and ricochets down
I dive, bobble and miss the tag

Bile perks in my throat
Shake it off, focus, let it go
May have been my only chance
Hope, fear, pray, wait


  1. I like those first two lines a lot. Hot Februaries are unique to Arizona, I think.

  2. May have been my only chance...

    Oh, how one always hopes not. But then, sometimes, there it is.