Sunday, March 15, 2009

I found my soul...

I found my soul...
Either the day after I
Cured cancer or the one
Before I put an end to war
I'm not sure which

I found my soul...
Or maybe not
Didn't know it was lost
Did somebody take it?
What am I supposed to do with it?

I found my soul...
When the needle hit the
Vinyl, It wasn't sound or music
It was life boring deep within
I had to listen again

I found my soul...
Do you want to see it?
It's somewhere around here
Wonder if it looks like yours
Oh yeah, here it is

I found my soul...
It's different than I remember
But nice to have it back
After being apart so long
I think I'll try to hold on to it

I found my soul...
The infomercial promised
Three easy payments and they'd
Ship it overnight, UPS, maybe FedEx
Who could resist?


  1. Oh! I adore that last stanza. Overnight shipping for the soul. Love it.

  2. thanks for sharing your poem.
    fun to read it.

  3. This is great. I love the last stanza and also really love the one about the vinyl. Wonderful.

  4. Jim, you really are good at this stuff. This one is so playful, and yet you have some real substance of imagery (vinyl and fedex) and some good rhyme and sound devices too.

    My favorite line:
    "I had to listen again."