Tuesday, December 31, 2019

last thoughts on the last night of the year about last things after I’m gone

will anyone scour my devices, drives and clouds
            discovering convoluted stories,
            half-assed poems and sparse excuses for books
            as well as angsty ramblings certain to be
            confusing to some and offensive to others

will people still watch Law & Order SUV
                        saying haven’t we seen this before
only to realize the answer is “sort of,“
but, hey, there are new cast members
so it changes the story, “sort of”

will anyone remember one-eight-oh-one-oh
my childhood home with memories
peacefully soul-warming and fearfully terrorizing
depending how and when you tell the story,
but always home, my home

who will continue to make corny jokes
about the Mariners winning a World Series,
hell just getting there might help generations
of Northwesterners
get a little of that long sought after rest on the other side

who will sustain
my grudges, petty though they may be, and the list
of those, who according to my standards,
have forfeited any substantive right to grace in this
world or the next

            who will find the shoes, still in the box, on the upper shelf
in my bedroom closet
and will they
know that such stockpiling
is a direct link from me to my Dad

will “my” saved money
fund the disposal of my (precious) remains or will Connie
finally take the kids and grandkids on that trip to Disneyland
all because I never took the trips
that I long dreamed of and (only) planned for

1 comment:

  1. Good questions. Other than about the Mariners - I guess it's important to have a placeholder for disillusionment!