Monday, April 20, 2015

Like Pompeii

Will it be like Pompeii
when Baker finally blows?

Will runners be eternally frozen on their second,
or possibly third, loop on the backside of Padden?
Will Lummi kids be caught forever playing chase
on the riverbank near Marietta?
Will cars be perpetually jammed at
border crossings in Blaine, Lynden and Sumas?
Will newborn calves be calcified suckling
their mother’s teats on farms around the county?
Will the neo-punk, quasi-hippie, post-grunge,
sort of goth street kids be forever huddled
on the corner of Railroad and Magnolia,
bantering with the spandex-clad city cops
astride their requisite bikes?

Will the Governor be secretly sparring
with FEMA and Homeland Security
while the Red Cross steals the lead
on the evening news?

Will a rapidly produced, “sensational, gut-wrenching”
Made-for-TV movie be the inevitable dénouement?

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