Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Connie, #39 & counting

An early summer afternoon,
Maybe Late Spring
That first glance
Across the way
Later a kiss
Awkward, yet exhilarating
Waiting and wondering
Which led to more
Times together, most apart
Calls and Letters
Visits, when possible
Engagement, marriage,
Jobs, kids,
Vacations, transitions,
Traditions, gatherings
Sustenance and surprises
Moments of understanding
And some with a lack thereof
Crises survived and joys shared
Cancer whispered a possible
Too soon end
But that is now old news
Grandkids, proof of passing
Time and certain future
Hard goodbyes with a finality
That hollows the soul
A few decades and a few more
And still those moments
And those smiles
And trust beyond words
And still more

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