Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I’ve been here before

another hotel and I realize
I’ve been here before
two, three times maybe four
to Dallas, not this hotel
but only for conferences

airports, shuttles, hotels,
meetings, USA Today, networking,
meals and goodbye

there were two times
I got away
to see the grassy knoll,
and those making a living
keeping conspiracies alive

same with
Orlando, Vail and Chicago
and others I can’t recall

there was the time  I visited the Nelson’s
and went to Wrigley with Mark to see the
Cubs play the Tigers
we sat down the third base line
on Father’s Day, without  any of our kids

oh, and also Atlanta,
except for the trip with Kyle
to the 2000 All Star game
the year he graduated and I
had won the radio contest

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