Monday, December 5, 2011

Seem So Different

There’s little buzz in our home
Advent begins, Christmas approaches
Decorations are an obligation
And only a few materialize

There’s talk of times past
And of kids now grown
Wondering how we did it all
Guilty whispers that can be ignored

How can an empty nest
Seem so busy?
How can a season
Seem so different?


  1. Jim - I love these words and the ideas they bring to a season of Advent. Waiting isn't easy, and this season can be painful and difficult and lonely. I think in part because it comes with such high expectations. I'm learning that I need to live life during this season, waiting while I am living, rather than just put everything on hold for a giant, emotional frenzy. But it's not easy.

    Thanks for joining our High Calling Advent Project. I think your poem brings a lot of richness to all the others thoughts.

  2. charity - thanks for the project and including my poem. i plan to post another advent related poem on sunday or monday.

  3. If there is one thing I have learned, Jim, it's that every season has its own variety of busy. And as my kids grow, funny how it seems to accelerate that mystery! I really enjoyed this poem. Sad and sweet at the same time. Lovely.