Thursday, November 10, 2011

another cover-up, (alleged) cover-up

story says it was years ago
people knew
important people
famous people
they looked away
thought it would be forgotten
hoped it would be forgotten
prayed it would be forgotten

really, forgotten?
kids molested
boys raped and abused
young boys
lost souls
throw aways
tossed into hell
for one man’s pleasure

in the showers
maybe a hotel
or a home, the safe place
could have been on the road
by that man
man of power
allegedly by the man of power

there is nothing alleged
about the lives of the boys
struggling toward adulthood
with memories that none
should bear
lost trust
fears beyond reason
hope beyond reach


  1. Something is clearly wrong with a society where a sports team becomes more important than the protection of children, where the old boys network will take of itself andt hide unspeakable crimes.

  2. can even these sins be forgiven?
    there is so much horror hiding in plain sight.
    hiding behind closed eyes and hearts.
    what do i see and let slip on by me?
    where and when do i close my eyes?