Monday, August 1, 2011

a poem for my dad

My dad died on 8.1.97. I wrote this poem a decade later. I'm re-posting it on this day of memories and missing.

August 1, 2007

ten years gone
a decade
August 1, 1997

we were over the mountains at a hotel
waiting to get the kids from camp
I was planning to visit the next week
got the call
you were gone

all the things you don’t know

within days, OK a few months
I had a new job and car
Michael moved out (was in foster care)
we would have talked and you would have cared

I can’t believe you don’t know

I imagine you in your family room
sitting in your chair
(it’s upstairs in our guest room now)
your television and sound system
(big screens and theater sound are the rage,
I know you’d love it)
you’d put in some action movie
tell me “listen to this”
sound would overwhelm the room
it would be impressive

I want to hear you rant about the government
and the unending stupidity of people

I want to play Upwords
just the two of us
you keeping score
for little reason
because you would win


  1. This is so good, Jim. I especially like the part about knowing he would beat you in Upwords. My mom could always beat me at gin rummy, and I wish she were here to beat me now.

  2. Thanks Megan. the power of the loss exceeds the realm of words, but we have to try and speak it.

  3. Jim, the pain is still there - I know. Yesterday was the 31st anniversary of my own dad's sudden passing.

    Now that pain has just been made fresh again with it becoming the anniversary of my uncle's death last night. Seems "odd" that two sisters, who only have each other now, would share the exact same date when they lost their spouses.

    I grieve with you in the loss of your dad.


  4. Barb, I remember your Dad's passing, and it is true, loss remains with us as time goes by. It changes, but never vanishes. Sorry about this second loss of your uncle, and on the same date. peace, jim

  5. The poem is nice, Uncle Jim. Thanks for sharing it again. Love you.

  6. "all the things you don't know . . . I can't believe you don't know."

    Thank you for these words, Jim.