Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everybody’s OK

It didn’t quite
start the day,
but we had to
call 911 before
heading out the door.
(Everybody’s OK; don’t worry.)

Not sure if we lost more
time waiting for the ambulance
or trying to change
a flat in
downtown Pittsburgh.
(Everybody’s OK; don’t worry.)

At lunch I’m driving to
check on the 911 student
when a car crosses in front of me,
hitting the car coming up
in next lane.
(Everybody’s OK; don’t worry.)


  1. This may not go a long way in easing the minds of the parents of the kids with you :-)

  2. as one of the parents, I agree with Terry.

  3. no need to worry, cheryl, mary's in the other group.

  4. Kinda takes you back to Bend a little, doesn't it. Sounds like the 'Burgh will be one for the books.

  5. and i wish you (dave) were here with us...