Monday, January 31, 2011

To Be a Family

In our mid-twenties,
We had been married a few years
What comes next for fully-fledged adults?
We looked into adoption
(There’s much more to the story here
but we’re moving on)
Maybe it’d be more accurate to say,
Adoption found us

An overwhelming world before us
Of social workers and lawyers,
Phone calls and “visits,”
Paperwork and classes,
Anticipation and confusion,
Prayers and tears,
Choices and acceptance,
Waiting and wondering

Time passed until,
In a stretch of ten months,
We adopted two sons
Spring brought Kyle,
Who would later become
the younger brother of Michael,
the older son who joined our family
the next winter

Our boys are now men
With children of their own
When we reflect over thirty years,
We see a thread of
Grace in the fog
That guarded and guided us
To become a united tribe
And to be a family

this poem is posted as part of the High Calling focus on adoption & foster care this week. check out:


  1. beautiful story...'Grace in the fog'

    precious what He does.

    found you from the High Calling...did the same prompt:)

  2. thanks, i read yours earlier today. nice work, beautiful words.

  3. There's a lot packed into this poem--and so many stories only hinted at that are part of the forming of your family. Thank you for sharing.

    Ann Kroeker

  4. Glad you joined in on the poetic story-telling for this, Jim. And I'm glad you adopted those two boys.

  5. You have a way with the parentheticals, Jim. Adoption is work I'm glad you did, and glad you shared.