Sunday, February 14, 2010

April Fool’s Day

Someone should make a law
That we hold all weddings on April 1st
Because only fools would make
Those promises

Promises to
Put another person first and
Stick with them
No matter what happens

To love
To sacrificially give
All because of a promise;
It’s almost un-American

There are too many examples
Of failure and despair
Outsiders mock it,
Rationalize, and degrade it

Some lie through their teeth
They make the hollow promises
For convenience
To get what they want

But some, the true fools,
Still make the promises
Maybe their youthful zeal
Blinds them to what’s ahead

And some, more foolish yet,
Keep their promises
Not because it’s easy
Or because they meet all expectations

But true fools believe the promises matter
That love cannot be forced
That it’s sometimes found
By two fools

Who learn to laugh together


  1. This was perfect, Jim. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

  2. Oh, I'm so pleased by how you redeemed love at the end.

  3. love laughing with you. happy valentines day to you too (no poem, sorry!!)

  4. Aahh. This was like hot chocolate with melty warm marshmallow at the end. Loved it. Laughing is good. :) It's like glue.

  5. agree with kathleen.
    learning to laugh...

  6. Jim, this is wonderful. simply wonderful.

  7. Cool. Happy Valentine's Day. I wish I could meet up with you at Calvin!

  8. love this jim. i'm glad connie has a fool like you.

  9. My parents were married almost 54 years ago, April 1, 1956. They are still young (at heart) and in love today. They have modeled a most precious gift ~ marriage that lasts a lifetime!

    In today's world, they are 'fools' in LOVE!!