Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Summer Night

Sweltering summer evening shifting toward night. Kids playing in the street.

Biggest ones wedge open a street drain. Can’t move the cover far.

Childish impulse leads to a fire. They scour for stuff to feed the beast. Flames grow and faces glow crowding to see, dripping sweat into the hole.

Someone laughs, grabs a younger child, and holds him over the blistering inferno. “Welcome to hell!” The little guy screams, squirms and begs for mercy.

Light breaks around the corner, reflecting off the eyes of each turned head. Somebody yells, “CAR!” and everyone scatters for the safety of home.


  1. Terrifying, in its way.

    (I'll add this link to next week's RAP.)

  2. I think I grew up in this neighborhood. Nice.