Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Facing Mom

I was thirteen, maybe thirteen and a half and realized I was taller than Mom. It wasn’t saying much to pass all five feet of her, but I’d arrived. After I made a smart comment her hand flashed toward my face. I caught her wrist before she connected. “You’re not big enough to do that anymore.” My arrogance grew with each breath and word.

She looked me straight on, paused then said, “Do you want me to settle this now or I can tell your Dad about it later?”

My response was as quick as my release, “Anything you want.”

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  1. There is a legend in my family similar to this. Once, a young teenager laughed at his mother when she was lecturing him. The teenager shall remain nameless to protect me. His mom said, "If you don't stop laughing at me, you're going to get it." But the boy couldn't stop. He was hysterical. He laughed and laughed until his mother slapped him across the face. Then he stopped laughing. But they all laugh about it now.