Friday, July 26, 2013

Books that stick

Books that stick is the current theme in catapult magazine. following is the intro to my contribution:

Thirty-some years ago, I was the program director at a conference center. Calvin Miller was the week’s speaker and one day we were sharing lunch with Calvin and his wife Barbara. Calvin was one of those larger than life characters, a preacher, poet, painter and more. He could possibly sing and dance, too, I don’t remember. For a short time after we met, I was on his Christmas card list, meaning that I received a card with a hand-painted picture — hand-painted by him!

Calvin was going on about some popular movie he had recently watched (this was around the dawn of the VCR era — ask your parents if you don’t know what a VCR is) and how the actual story of the movie, if you knew how to watch it, was all about Jesus. At some point he took a breath. Barbara gently moved her hand in front of Calvin’s, maybe a sign to let him know it was her turn...

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  1. If I refined this piece I'd group the books by decades read to possibly show a flow of influence. A few books I would add:
    I Saw Gooley Fly by Joe Bayly
    The Brothers K by David James Duncan

    I would add We are the Ship by Kadir Nelson to the Baseball books. It is a beautiful books of stories and pictures honoring Negro Leagues. Supposedly a kids book.