Saturday, September 12, 2009


Sometimes I wasn’t sure
We’d make it
Sometimes I wasn’t sure
I wanted to

When we started
I assumed we’d get here
Expected us to stay together
But had no clue what was ahead
Or what it would take

It’s not a milestone,
Like fifty
But well past twenty-five
People notice twenty-five and fifty
Appears thirty-five
Is no big deal
According to public opinion,
At least

Memories made
And more forgotten
Seasons of devotion
And trials of anxiety
Grace remembered
And offenses forgiven
And much forgiven again

It is the choice we made
The path we’ve followed
And I would choose it again
I think I do
I hope we do


  1. Our friend Marcus Goodyear said it this way: We need more Christian men writing love poetry. Congratulations to you both.

  2. We need more Christians, period, writing love poetry. :)

    I liked...

    "I think I do..."

  3. i hope we do too.
    24 years.

  4. Thanks, Jim. And congratulations!

  5. so nice to read your words again, jim.