Thursday, June 18, 2009

He Didn't Care

She took the kids, left a note. “Don’t call… I filed… get a lawyer…” He read it four, maybe five times.

Went online, “local attorneys.” Started calling, too late, all closed. Hesitated, phoned his folks, mom answered. He almost hung up. She invited him for dinner saying, “You shouldn’t be alone.”

“Maybe tomorrow.” Probably not, he thought.

Rummaged the freezer. Stuck something in the microwave. Turned on ESPN. Burned the hell out of the roof of his mouth. Tossed the empty container in the trash.

Couldn’t sleep. Went driving. By midnight he was lost, within an hour he didn’t care.


  1. Sad. The detail of his burnt mouth is particularly vivid.

  2. Very vivid. Loved the burn the mouth part too. It was unexpected, but so very fitting. The last sentence confuses me a little.