Monday, April 30, 2012

A reasonable request

All I’m talking about is one meal
I’d settle for a snack
You could fix something
Or take me out
Drive-thru if it’s easier
I’m not asking for much
Just food
I mean, a soul’s gotta eat…

But when I am
Doing my usual dance
That is politely
Referred to as multi-tasking
That intersection of
Busy, erratic activity
I ignore the voice of
Or stuff it with any available filler

Like the grade school white paste,
Not the Elmer’s,
This stuff was thick, almost dry
Some kids liked to eat it
I’m guessing it was safe,
Though void of nutrients,
Thankfully it wasn’t going
To kill anyone

I preferred crayons that
Reminded me of wax lips and moustaches
I’d buy at the candy store and
Jam in my pocket
With the collected detritus
That could tell my life story
Until my Mom would
Wash away it away

Monday, April 23, 2012

I was thinking (2)

I was thinking
I’d go for a walk

Down to the library
To return a book
With a title I can’t remember
And that I never opened

Then stop by the post office
And pick up my mail

Check the creek for salmon
It’s time for their run home
Thrashing through rocks and current
To a soon and certain death

But I looked out the window
And saw the bucket
Filled with water
From last week’s showers

Raindrops began to bounce
From the surface
Fulfilling the forecasts
I’d hoped were not true

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yet still...

Another day of Pagan rituals blended
With evangelical fervor
We squint through the twilight
Morning, standing damp-footed
In dewy, cemetery grass
For yet another sunrise service

I bow my all to Easter

Relatives and once-a-year attenders
Drawn by the scorn of a long
Gone grandma or some family curse,
Now days called expectations,
Arrive at church

I bow my all to Easter

Brunch in the basement
Between services for
Egg and bread casserole
Hastily made the night before
With fruit and dry ham, barely warm

I bow my all to Easter

Overflowing sanctuary
New bright colored dresses
And enough ladies hats to force
Even the most polite teenage boys
To smirk and jab their friends

I bow my all to Easter

Similar sermon with
A “zippy” new title, louder
Does not make it different
Or better, there is one
Easter story, get over it

I bow my all to Easter

“He is risen.” “He is risen indeed!”
Some shout, others mumble
The silent few, hope not to be noticed
Their obligation is clear
Attendance “yes,” participation “no”

I bow my all to Easter

Families, friends gather for dinner
Kids search for quickly hidden eggs
A few may not be found ‘til July 4
Too much food and obvious table talk
Candy, pictures and goodbyes

I bow my all to Easter

Cars chase dusk, disappear around the corner
A messy house, colored egg shells,
Shiny foil wrappers, flimsy colored plastic grass
Dishes to wash, leftovers to organize,
Should have sent more with the others

Yet still, I bow my all to Easter

original post: April 2009